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Location or Path of MediaSources.xml file in KODI from Windows Store

If you want to delete or remove an SMB network share that you created as a file source from KODI, then you can manually edit the mediasources.xml file in KODI. You may be able to delete the mediasources.xml file altogether, but I didn't try that in case KODI does not automatically recreate the file when necessary.

Where is the mediasources.xml file located? What is the path to the mediasources.xml file for KODI that is installed on Windows 10 from the Windows App Store?

It's certainly buried. You can find it in the following path, unless an updated KODI installer moves it elsewhere.

This PC

Local Disk (C:)\Users\(your-username)\AppData\Local\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\mediasources.xml

Open the mediasources.xml file using a good text editor like NotePad++ and create a backup by selecting “Save as” and edit the file name to “mediasources.xml-old”

Then, re-open mediasources.xml using NotePad++

You will see something like this:

        <location id="0">smb://username:password@server.domainname.lan/library</location>

I merely selected and deleted <network> . . . </network> and everything in between. Then I saved the edited file as so revised.

Keep the mediasources.xml file as edited. Also, keep the mediasources.xml-old file as well.

Exit KODI with save option, not with force close. Restart KODI.

The SMB source that you originally created won't appear again in the list of video addon zip sources, etc.

By the way, the sources.xml file is located in this sub-folder as well. Additionally, the RssFeeds.xml file and the profiles.xml file and the guisettings.xml file are all in the same sub-folder too.

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