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How to Place a Video Link From Dropbox into a WordPress Webpage Block or Elementor Element

1 Accepted Solution

Rich Super User II ‎03-29-2019 05:47 PM

@Starfox wrote: What I do is copy the link of the video I want to stream and I paste it in FV Player, I change the end of the link from '?dl=0' to '?raw=1', I am not exactly sure why but without this the video won't play.

The ?dl=0 will open a link on the Dropbox preview page. It's not a direct link to the file. Using ?raw=1 tells Dropbox to send the raw file and let the viewer's browser determine how to handle it. It's more like a direct link to the file.

… I want to know how I can stream a video from my online dropbox account like this? You already are streaming it from your Dropbox account. You're not streaming the file from your desktop. The link is to the file in your account online; not a link to the file on your desktop.

What you want to do, by the sounds of it, is to be able to store files in your account online without having them take up space on your local drive. Take a look at Selective Sync. It's used to remove the local copy of a Dropbox folder from your computer while leaving it in your account online.

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