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Disable OnlyOffice Document Server Online Test Example

How to disable the OnlyOffice Document Server Testing Example.

When OnlyOffice Document Server is installed properly, it will display a success page from your website, which states:

ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition installed. 
To edit office documents and collaborate, integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs into your sync & share app.  
Testing before integration. 
Use the integrated test example, a simple doc management system, to check if the editors are running correctly.

This test example needs to be disabled once the Document Server is integrated with your cloud service (such as NextCloud).

The success webpage stating that document server is working, also contains the following warning:

Please do NOT use a test example on your own server without proper code modifications. 

It is intended for testing purposes only and must be disabled before launching the editors into production.

Here is how to disable the Test Example.

sudo systemctl stop ds-example

sudo systemctl disable ds-example

If you need to re-enable the test example from the web, then do the following:

Start test example:

sudo systemctl start ds-example

Add it to the autostart for whenever your server's operating system is rebooted.

sudo systemctl enable ds-example

If the online ds-example service returns automatically, say . . . within a day, then you may be able to use this to Remove it:

See: How to Remove DocumentServer Example Service from OnlyOffice Document Server Installation

If others on the web are using your installed ds-example service to test or edit documents, then this is using your bandwidth resources. It would seem that it is also a security risk. It is certainly unnecessary in a production environment, such as when OnlyOffice Server is integrated with NextCloud or any similar self-hosted private cloud.

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